Our Warranty

PRO IMAGE GUTTERS LTD. hereby warrants against eavestrough containing manufacturing detects causing peeling, blistering or flaking. The period of the warranty on material is 40 years beginning on the date application of eavestrough to your property was completed.

Alu-Rex products are subject to the terms of the Alu-Rex Limited Warianty.

If; under proper notification and inspection, PRO IMAGE GUTTERS LTD. determines that your eavestrough contains manufacturing defects falling within the terms of this warranty, PRO IMAGE GUTTERS LTD. at its sole option will repair or replace the detective material on approval of the supplier. Suppliers may assume 100% of the repair and/or replacement costs for validated claims during the first FIVE years only. Five year warranty claims received after the first five year period shall be invalid and PRO IMAGE GUTTERS LTD. will not be held liable or responsible for any associated costs and/or damages incurred.

Discontinued colors, profiles and/or products no longer available will be replaced with a comparable product to be determined by PRO IMAGE GUTTERS LTD.

PRO IMAGE GUTTERS LTD. also warrants that improper installation (sloping/leaking corners) is under our personal five year limited warranty for cost and labor.

PRO IMAGE GUTTERS LTD. shall not be liable for damage due to any causes other than material or installation defects.
Fire, lightening, windstorm, snow (ice/snow buildup, which can damage gutter structure), wind and/or wind propelled items or other acts of God, pollution or harmful chemicals, structural defects, damages caused by other individuals, misuse or failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance (regular cleaning at a minimum of twice annually by extraction method), are not covered within the terms of this warranty. Your Alu-Rex system must also be maintained for your warranty to be valid.

Warranty shall be null and void if for any reason full payment within PRO IMAGE GUTTERS LTD. terms are not made. If, at a later date, payment is restituted, the five year warranty will continue from original date of installation only.

Alternate repair and/or work to PRO IMAGE GUTTERS LTD. product without written consent from PRO IMAGE GUTTERS LTD. will hereby void the terms of your five year warranty.

*Some sites may fall under Pro Image Gutters ‘site specific’ warranty. Please contact us for details.

Remember: your gutters should be cleaned twice a year via the extraction method.  Without proper maintenance, your gutters will not work properly and you may void your warranty!  Call us and we can recommend a professional.

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