Additional Products

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Drain Guards

Pro Image Gutters specializes in two types of Drain Guards, Standard and Self Cleaning. Contact us for more information on how to order!

Copper Gutter

For those looking for the very best of materials or to experience the old world charm of copper, we offer copper systems. Copper is perfect for historic homes, as well as those looking to accentuate the elegance of their fine home.

Euro Gutter

An alternative to K-Style, half round gutter (also known as Euro Gutter) is sturdy and adapts to almost any roof configuration. Ask us about the difference between copper and zinc, or the undeniable strength of galvanized steel.* (Euro Gutter products and accessories are provided by Rain Elements)

Powder coated galvanized steel is now available. Choose from a variety of colors and effects!

Rain Chains and Accessories

The eye-candy of the gutter industry, rain chains are a decorative, yet effective alternative to a down pipe.

The Japanese have been using rain chains for centuries and know them as ‘Kusari Doi’, literally meaning “chain gutter”.

Pro Image Gutters can offer installation of various chainscup stylesbarrelsbowls and pans.

Leaf Management Systems from Alu-Rex

For anyone who has trees on or around their property, you know how many times a year your gutters must be cleaned to keep them functioning properly.

Pro Image Gutters has years of experience with a variety of different anti-leaf or gutter guard products and can recommend leaf protection systems that will give you strength, performance & value to suit your specific project (leaf screen products provided by Alu-rex).

No way! A gutter system providing leaf guard and stength?? See how it works…

Fascia Board and Drip Edge

  • Fascia board installations and replacements.
  • Metal fascia board cover installations.
  • Metal drip edge installations.

Gutter Repairs

  • Yes, we can replace a damaged gutter or downspout and offer options for durability.
  • Yes, we can replace downpipe if your gutters are built-in, hidden, or just don’t need servicing.
  • Pro Image Gutters can offer solutions to help prevent future repairs.