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The Crew

They've worked on high rises to low rises, barns to boat houses, and from cliffside to lakeside.

We'd like to introduce you to the talent...  



Yes, Horsman has his own fan club. He's been with The Pro for 16 years and counting. Considered a 'lifer' by all that know him, he enjoys fishing, his family, and his 89' Dodge Ram with a 13" Lift and 46" tires. Considered the most seasoned of the crew, there are few challenges this veteran of gutters can't handle. 


If you ever see him at karaoke, make sure he sings his rendition of 'White Wedding'. His band plays at the annual P.I.G. Roast, but we hope he won't quit his day job. An avid concert enthusiast, Chan's known for his laid back, easy going manner and penchant for all things pink. This newly-wed has been with the company since '05, shouting his 'good morning' greetings before anyone is truly awake and stealing the crossword, much to our receptionist's dismay.


Tim has been in the industry for many years and came to The Pro from the interior of B.C., he's been with us for 8 years altogether. Good pals with Horsman, it's no surprise he loves fishing and 4X4ing in his spare time. Affectionately referred to as 'Sally' or 'Timmeh', he's got a few fishing stories to tell.


A.K.A Solo Sexy... Shaun has been with Pro Image since 08. In his spare time he plays goalie on a roller hockey team. He loves to get the Crew amped up for the work week monday morning. No matter what life throws at him he's always got a smile on his face. (Probably because he has pucks thrown at him for fun when he's not working.) Shaun strives for gutter greatness as well as excellent customer service. 

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